CFA Level 1


Duration: 4,5 Months (126 hrs)

CFA Level 2


Duration: 6 Months (131hrs)

CFA Level 3


Duration: 5 Months (111 hrs)

CMA part 1


Duration: 3 Months (102 hrs)

CMA part 2


Duration: 3.5 months

Financial Modelling

Modelling with Speed and Style • Setting up Excel for Financial Modelling • Create Various forms of styles to help maintain consistent formatting Modelling Best Practice • Creating Easy to use and understandable Models • Teaching how to Focus on important issues • Creating Reliable Models Constructing Integrated Financial Statements • Creating an integrated financial model • Testing and model traps Circularities under control • State the definition of a circular reference • Protect your model from unintentional circular references • Work with intentional circular reference Scenarios and working with text • Add Scenarios to financial model • Build on sheet controls to make models user friendly • Working with text functions Sensitising your work • Perform Sensitivity Analysis using data tables • Sensitize more than two variables Working with lists • Create a table • Filter unwanted data • Calculate information • Use database functions • Create reports based on database information Protecting your work • Protecting worksheets • Hiding formulas • Protecting Cells and Ranges • Protecting Workbook structure • Preventing Changes from being saved • Preventing Access to workbook Other Topics (depending on participants) • Working with the Solver • Introduction to Macros • Monte-Carlo Simulatio

Duration: 1 Month (24 hrs)